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Chandler Fire Department

Types and Roles of Chandler Fire Department Apparatus and Command and Support Vehicles

Chandler Fire Station 10 and apparatus, plus the Old DodgeFire department apparatus come in various forms to accomplish a variety of duties. Chandler Fire Department has several types of apparatus ranging from the traditional fire engine and ladder trucks, to the newest innovation, the "Squad."

Below you will find descriptions of the various forms of apparatus used by Chandler Fire, along with links to view specific apparatus, support and command vehicles:


Chandler Fire Engines    

An Engine (E) is a vehicle used to transport firefighters to the scene of an emergency along with the tools and equipment needed to mitigate fires and other hazards and to provide emergency medical services (EMS) at the advanced life support level. The Chandler Fire Department has 10 frontline and 3 reserve engines. Each apparatus features a 1250 GPM pump, a 500-750 gallon water tank, and a compressed air foam system (CAFS). The engines carry EMS equipment and supplies, firefighting equipment such as attack hoses and water supply lines, extrication tools (the “jaws of life”), and water rescue gear.

Each Chandler engine is staffed with a minimum of four (4) personnel including a Captain, an Engineer, and two Firefighters. All crew members are certified at the Firefighter I & II level and as emergency medical technicians (EMT-B). At least two of them must be paramedics.

Chandler Ladders    

A Ladder (L) is a specialized fire apparatus that features a large, telescopic ladder mounted on a turntable on the back or middle of the truck. This design allows the ladder to pivot around a stable base and to reach a much greater height than conventional ground ladders.

The Chandler Fire Department’s two (2) frontline and one (1) reserve Ladders are also known as “Quints.” In addition to an aerial ladder, a Quint has a pump, a water tank, fire hose, and ground ladders giving it the ability to perform five different functions on the fireground. Chandler’s Ladders feature a 95 foot aerial platform, a 1250 GPM pump, and a 300 gallon water tank. Each frontline apparatus carries EMS equipment and supplies, firefighting equipment, heavy extrication and vehicle stabilization tools, equipment for WMD response, and water rescue gear.

Chandler Ladders are staffed with a minimum of four (4) personnel including a Captain, an Engineer, and two Firefighters. All crew members are certified at the Firefighter I & II level and as emergency medical technicians (EMT-B). At least two of them must be paramedics.

Chandler Battalion Mobile Command Units    

A Battalion (BC) or mobile command unit is used to transport incident commanders to the emergency scene. The Battalion serves as an on-site conference room for the fire chiefs where they map and plan firefighting or rescue operations and check in and direct fire crews as they arrive. The Chandler Fire Department uses pickup trucks for this purpose because of their inherent versatility.

Each Chandler Battalion is staffed by a Battalion Chief and a Captain or FIT (Field Incident Technician). The Battalion carries emergency medical equipment at the basic life support level, a thermal imaging camera, RIC (rapid intervention crew) gear, command equipment, and SCBAs and WMD gear for its crew.


´╗┐´╗┐Rescues or ambulances are used to transport seriously ill or injured patients from the emergency scene to the hospital. The Chandler Fire Department does not own ambulances; however, Rescues are housed at and respond from seven (7) Chandler fire stations under a contract between the City of Chandler and private company, PMT Ambulance.

Each Rescue is co-staffed with a Chandler firefighter paramedic and a PMT emergency medical technician (EMT)/driver. In addition to emergency medical equipment, the ambulance carries the firefighter’s SCBA, turnouts (protective clothing), and axe to enable the firefighter to assist on-scene fire crews if needed.

This strategy provides multiple benefits. Response times are reduced by enabling the Rescues to respond from the fire stations. Including a Chandler Fire paramedic on the ambulance crew ensures continuity of care from the time the emergency call is made until the patient arrives at the hospital. Coordination between the fire and ambulance crews on-scene is improved because these personnel live and work together at the fire station.

Chandler Utility Truck    

A Utility (U) apparatus carries extra gear to support firefighters during and after an operation. Chandler’s Utility (U283) is equipped with a generator, an air cascade system to fill empty SCBA bottles, and twin light towers to help illuminate scenes for both the Fire and Police Departments. The apparatus carries supplies to help rehabilitate and hydrate firefighters such as minimal EMS supplies, cooling vests, water or Gatorade, and snacks to replace electrolytes and sugars expended during firefighting. U283 is staffed by 1 Engineer. 


Chandler HAZMAT Unit    

A HAZMAT (HM) is a specialized apparatus staffed and equipped to respond to incidents involving hazardous materials such as toxic vapors or chemicals. HM284 also functions as a "mobile laboratory" at chemical spills and fires to identify the type of chemical or other hazardous substance present, thereby enabling firefighters and other emergency services to provide the correct response for the particular incident.


Chandler Fire Support Apparatus    

A Support (S) apparatus is designed to carry specialized equipment for technical rescue responses such as freeing a person trapped in a confined space or a collapsed structure, stranded in swift water, or injured and stuck above grade. Some of the equipment carried on S289 includes rescue ropes, harnesses, carabineers, shoring boards, air pumps, specialized lighting, and heavy extrication equipment.


Chandler Fire Squads    

A Squad (SQ) is an apparatus designed by the Valley regional fire departments to meet the growing need for apparatus capable of responding to catastrophic events. Similar to what some departments call a "Heavy Rescue," Squads in the Phoenix metropolitan area carry equipment specific to several primary tasks including hazardous materials, technical rescue, and weapons of mass destruction (WMD) response.

When the Squad is deployed, it is staffed by members of the Chandler Fire Department’s Special Operations Team. SQ289 is one of 11 squads in central Arizona that make up the Phoenix Urban Areas Security Initiative (Phoenix UASI). These units can be deployed to any part of Arizona in the event of a large-scale natural or man-made disaster.

Chandler Fire Brush Truck    

A Brush (BR) is a wildland fire engine or wildland fire tender. This apparatus features high clearances for wheels and suspension allowing it to be operate in rugged terrain and heavily forested areas. Wildland apparatus are classified according to size, capabilities, and tools/water carried. Chandler’s Brush Truck (BR287) is classified as a Type III Wildland Engine.
BR287 is equipped with a pump, water, hose, hand tools, basic life support EMS supplies, chainsaws, radios, and maps. BR287 is deployed at the request of the Arizona State Forestry Division. The apparatus’ three (3) member crew includes a Captain, an Engineer, and a Firefighter. The State reimburses the City of Chandler for the crew’s salaries and the cost of providing coverage for their positions while they are deployed.

Chandler Fire Dept. Crisis Response Unit    

A Crisis Response vehicle is used to transport social service professionals and volunteers to an emergency scene to assist people with practical and emotional needs following a traumatic event such as a house fire or serious motor vehicle accident. The Chandler Fire Department’s Crisis Response Team (CR288) responds in a 15-passenger van equipped with radios, specialized lighting, child safety seats, a heavy duty step and stocked with water, snacks, blankets, clothing/toiletry bags, information on social service agencies, and other supplies.

Chandler Fire Event Teams    

Event Teams use various apparatus at large functions or events where a typical fire apparatus may not be able to operate logistically. These can be bikes, ATVs, modified golf carts or even small commercial vehicles.

  Event Team
Chandler Fire Public Education Units    

The Chandler Fire Department uses bicycles, an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), and a special events trailer to provide access for personnel and equipment at large events (e.g., the Ostrich Festival) where a typical fire apparatus may not be able to operate logistically.

There are also several specialized vehicles used for public education and at ceremonial events such as the annual Parade of Lights. The two vehicles used most frequently are the Old Dodge and the Fire Safety House,

The Old Dodge:  The first piece of mechanized fire apparatus used by the Chandler Fire Department was a 1936 Dodge pumper. “The Old Dodge” is still part of the apparatus inventory and is used for parades and demonstrations. Fire Department personnel carefully maintain and refurbish it on an ongoing basis.

Fire Safety House: The Fire Safety House is a child-sized mobile home equipped with a kitchen, living room, upstairs bedroom, and second story escape ladder. The house features multiple props including a simulated smoke machine, a “flaming” cooking pot, heated doors/door knobs, working smoke detectors, and electrical outlets. This apparatus was purchased with a 2002 Assistance to Firefighters Fire Prevention & Safety grant award.

Chandler Fire Ceremonial Units    

Ceremonial apparatus, are often historical vehicles used for public events, such as parades and funerals. They can also be used in a public education capacity.

  The Old Dodge