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Chandler Fire Department

Types and Roles of Chandler Fire Department Apparatus and Command and Support Vehicles

Chandler Fire Station 10 and apparatus, plus the Old DodgeFire department apparatus come in various forms to accomplish a variety of duties. Chandler Fire Department has several types of apparatus ranging from the traditional fire engine and ladder trucks, to the newest innovation, the "Squad."

Below you will find descriptions of the various forms of apparatus used by Chandler Fire, along with links to view specific apparatus, support and command vehicles:


Chandler Fire Engines    

An Engine (E) is a vehicle designed to assist in fighting fires, by transporting firefighters to the scene, and providing them with water or other equipment. Chandler fire uses a Rescue Pumper platform. A Rescue Engine, or Rescue Pumper as it was originally conceived, is a combination of the pumping capabilities of a NFPA "Class A Engine Company" and a Heavy Rescue Unit (extrication gear). It is just the firefighting capabilities of a pumper, that is a 1000 GPM or greater pump and a 500 gallon or greater water tank and the "tool box on wheels" that a Heavy Rescue Squad provides. It also has various fire attack hoses and limited amount of supply lines. 

Chandler Ladders    

A Ladder (L) is the best-known form of specialized fire apparatus, and is used to gain access to fires occurring at height, where conventional ladders carried on other appliances might not reach. The name is derived from the fact that the large ladder is mounted on a turntable on the back or middle of a truck, allowing it to pivot around a stable base, which in turn allows a much greater ladder length to be achieved. In order to increase its length, the ladder is telescopic. Chandler Fire' apparatus are also known as a "quint" variant. Quint, as it is capable of performing multiple tasks (pump, water tank, fire hose, aerial device, and ground ladders) with each of these functions making up one of it's five (quint) capabilities.

Chandler Battalion Mobile Command Units    

The Battalion (BC), or mobile command unit, developed out of the need for departments to maintain incident control. The advancement of technology and potential for very large-scale incidents has led to many fire departments utilizing or increasing their use of mobile command units. A fundamental advantage of such an appliance is to accommodate the many different types of communication equipment needed at major incidents. In addition to the wide range of radio frequencies used, fire chiefs often send and receive information via satellite links and CCTV of the ongoing situation. The Battalion can essentially be used as an on-site conference room for a few fire chiefs mapping and planning firefighting operations and checking in and directing crews as they arrive. This unit is typically an SUV or full-size pickup. Chandler Fire uses the latter for their inherent versatility.

Chandler Utility Truck    

A Utility (U) is the apparatus responsible for carrying extra gear to support firefighters during and after an operation. This type of gear is in the form of a cascade system that replenishes SCBA bottles, to fluids and snacks to replace depleted electrolytes and sugars from fighting fires. This apparatus also has twin lights towers to help illuminate scenes for both fire and police departments. For some departments a utility truck can also carry extra hand tools, firefighting or extrication tools or even wood to help shore up a structure after a fire. 


Chandler HAZMAT Unit    

The HAZMAT (HM) is a specialized apparatus used by departments covering large metropolitan areas or those containing many high-risk hazards and the need to deal with hazardous materials, or "HazMat" situations. These apparatus can be utilized to clean spilled oil or volatile fluids on streets and highways, to full decontamination units, designed to clean victims and rescuers of contaminants after an incident. Some unit can be a "mobile laboratory." The can be utilized at chemical spills and fires, where early on-site scientific analysis and monitoring will speed up the detection process and allow firefighters and other emergency services to provide the correct response for the particular incident.


Chandler Fire Support Apparatus    

A Support (S) apparatus is designed to carry "technical rescue" gear in support of the Technical Rescue Team.


Chandler Fire Squads    

A Squad (SQ) is an apparatus designed by the valley regional fire departments to meet the growing need for apparatus to be able to respond to catastrophic events. Similar to what some departments call a "Heavy Rescue," "Squads" in the Phoenix Metro area carry equipment for several primary tasks. These include HAZMAT, Technical Rescue and WMD.
NOTE: Some departments refer to "Squad" as a fire engine that meets pumping capabilities of a NFPA "Class A Engine Company," and carries the extrication and other multitudes of equipments that a "Heavy Rescue" does.  Since all Chandler Fire Department apparatus meet this designation, they are not referred to as "Squads." 

Chandler Fire Brush Truck    

A Brush (BR) is a wildland fire engine or wildland fire tender. It may have lower capacities to carry water, but can be deployed to fight fires in environments where urban fire trucks would be unable to operate due to rugged terrain. Due to this area of operation these apparatus have high clearances for wheels and suspension. Wildland apparatus have different classes related to size, capabilities and tools/water carried. In heavily forested areas, a special kind of fire truck known as a "Brush" truck is used. They are usually trucks with off-road capabilities for traversing rough terrain in order to reach the fire. Models commonly used in the role of wildland fire engines include the heavy-duty pickup chassis up to a full-size engine with off-road capabilities.

Chandler Fire Dept. Crisis Response Unit    

A Crisis Response (CR) vehicle can vary in type. Their purpose is to support fire operations and emergency services customers in a different way. They typically carry a social worker and volunteers whom may be trained as EMTs. They provide support in the form of grief counseling and emotional support as well as an avenue to obtain resources or programs not typically supported by a fire department.

Chandler Fire Event Teams    

Event Teams use various apparatus at large functions or events where a typical fire apparatus may not be able to operate logistically. These can be bikes, ATVs, modified golf carts or even small commercial vehicles.

  Event Team
Chandler Fire Public Education Units    

Public Education apparatus are used for educating the public in tips for fire safety, water safety and perhaps first aid.

Chandler Fire Ceremonial Units    

Ceremonial apparatus, are often historical vehicles used for public events, such as parades and funerals. They can also be used in a public education capacity.

  The Old Dodge