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Municipal Utilities Department  
The Municipal Utilities Department is responsible for planning, developing, constructing, and maintaining water, wastewater, and solid waste public infrastructure for the City of Chandler.

Please select one of the following categories to learn more about what services the Municipal Utilities Department provides.

To report water leaks and/or water outages:
- For water leaks requiring immediate attention during normal business hours,
   please call 480-782-3700 (Option 3, then Option 1).
- For water leaks after business hours, please call 480-782-4130.

Additional Department Information:

Environmental Resources
Environmental Resources is responsible for protecting Chandler’s existing water supplies, estimating Chandler’s future water demands, negotiating, acquiring and managing Chandler’s water resources, and promoting water conservation through public programs, elementary school education programs, rebates, demonstration projects and workshops. This Division is also responsible for following the status of new State and Federal laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Industrial Pretreatment Program
The City of Chandler’s Industrial Pretreatment Section is responsible for enforcing all Federal, State, and Local environmental regulations authorized by the Clean Water Act. This includes monitoring and inspection of all Significant Industrial Users (SIUs) within the City. The Pretreatment Division is also responsible for inspecting oil and grease interceptors at all commercial facilities within the City.

Water Quality Unit

The Water Quality Unit is responsible for ensuring that the City water supply meets the compliance standards set by the State and Federal government. This is accomplished through a program of sampling, laboratory testing, reporting, and record keeping. This area also manages the backflow prevention and flushing programs in order to continuously evaluate the improvement in the taste and odor of the City’s potable water supply.

Wastewater Quality
Wastewater Quality is charged with managing and administering the Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Program. This program regulates and issues permits to industrial users who discharge pollutants into the wastewater collection system.

Solid Waste Services Division
The Solid Waste Services Division is respo