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Chandler Municipal Code and City Charter

Chandler Municipal Code is the compilation of ordinances that establish the rules and regulations under which the City of Chandler operates. 

The following ordinance(s) have been adopted which affect the code which have not been incorporated as yet:

ORDINANCE NO. 4802, declaring that document entitled “City Code Conforming Amendments to Ordinance number 4788 and number 4789” to be a public record; making conforming amendments to various sections and subsections of chapters 11, 21, 29, 32, 40, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52 and 53 of the Code of the City of Chandler, relating to code amendments made to Chapter 43 Public Works and Utilities Department, the repeal of Chapter 54 Municipal Utilities and the addition of Chapter 34 Development Services Department and to amend Chapter 27 Fire, Health and Medical Protection to change the official name from Chandler Fire, Health and Medical Department to Chandler Fire Department; providing for the repeal of conflicting ordinances; and providing for severability.

ORDINANCE NO. 4780, adopting updated versions of previously adopted Fire Department Standard Details and Public Works design and construction standards and amending Chapter 43, Section 43-5, Subsections 43-4.5.A, 43-4.5.B, 43-4.5.C, 43-4.5.D, 43-4.5.F, 43-4.5.H, 43-4.5.I, and 43-4.5.J of the Code of the City of Chandler, relating to the adoption of these updated design and construction standards.

ORDINANCE NO. 4811, ZCA18-0001 CITY OF CHANDLER/RIDE SHARING AND AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES, ZONING CODE AMENDMENT, amending Article XVIII Parking and Loading Regulations of Chapter 35 (Zoning Code) of the Chandler City Code in preparation for changes in transportation behavior resulting from an increase in ride sharing and autonomous vehicles as presented in ZCA18-001 CITY OF CHANDLER / RIDE SHARING AND AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE CODE AMENDMENT.

ORDINANCE NO. 4816, amending the Code of the City of Chandler, Chapter 4, Section 4-5, Majority vote to elect in City Elections, relating to the calculation of majority votes for council candidate elections; providing for the repeal of conflicting ordinances; and providing severability.

The online Chandler Municipal Code and City Charter is available at:

Questions about the City Code?
Call the City Clerk's Office at 480-782-2180.