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New Museum

The City of Chandler is developing a new museum!
Chandler Museum LogoA Chandler citizens’ task force first identified the need for a new museum in 1982. Voters passed two bond elections (in 2004 and 2007) in support of a larger building that serves the entire community.
The new Chandler Museum will be a community-gathering place where all portions of the community can come together to learn from each other and explore the relevant issues that effect their daily lives. This new museum will feature history, art and culture programming. It will be an interactive, participatory place where visitors of all ages shape the exhibits and their learning experience.
“The Community Speaks”   Learn more about the concept for the new Chandler Museum, approved by City Council in May 2010.
Download "The Community Speaks" document (PDF).
The Museum staff and the Museum Advisory Board have been reading and discussing issues facing museums.  Read and join the conversation at our next Museum Advisory Board meeting!

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