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Chandler Centennial logoCentennial Whiskerino Contest
Two teams entered the contest and grew beards between February 7 and May 19, 2012. Congratulations to Team Sun Lakes Pest Control for winning the Whiskerino Contest! Prizes included medals and gift certificates.

Whiskerino JudgingWhiskerino Winners

Whiskerino Judging                                                                       Whiskerino Winners

The Competing Teams
          Team Splendid Hair Studios vs. Team Sun Lakes Pest Control
          Splendid Hair Studio Roster         Sun Lakes Pest Control
                 *Jason A.                                               *Bill S.
                 *Nick A.                                                  *Dickey I.
                 *Shane B.                                              *Bob W.




Whisker Wonderland
See how the participants looked at their check points...

Contest Start - February 7


30 Day Progress Report...

                    Jason                                                                    Nick                                                               Shane

                       Billy                                                             Bobby                                             Dickey

60 Day Progress Report...

                   Jason                                                 Nick                                                        Shane

                       Billy                                                     Bobby                                              Dickey

90 Day Progress Report...

                   Jason                                              Shane