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Section 6: Off-Site Improvement Regulations

 Civil Engineering Plan Requirements and Resources



Paving, Streetlights & Traffic:

Water, Sewer, Reclaimed:

Dry Utilities:

Utility Permit Manual
Civil Improvements/Encroachment Permit Application, Street Cut Application & Certificate of Quantities
Civil Engineering Utility Company Notes (Supplemental Conditions for Approval)
Minimum Coverage Requirements
Plan Review Checklist
Permit & Pavement Fee Schedule (see section 8 for Transportation & Development)
Building Permit Application
Permit Notification Form
Construction Sign Ordinance (see 46-2.7 Paragraph E)
Horizontal Directional and Hole-Hog Drilling (Boring)
Pavement Cut Requirements
Engineered Utility Bore Detail C-112
Abandoned Utilities in the City’s Right of Way, TDP-275
Sight Distance Compliances (see Figure 5 of Street Design and Access Control Technical Design Manual - TDM #4 and City Details C-246, C-247 and C-248).
Request for Inspection Outside Normal Business Hours
Joint Trench Contacts
Ramp Replacement Requirements (see City Details C-243, C-245, C-249, C-257 & C-258)
List of Approved Products

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