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Section 1: Development Fees

Section 2: Planning and Zoning Applications

Administrative Use Permit Application
Appeal to the Board of Adjustment Application
Area Plan Application
Board of Adjustment Appeals Supplemental Questionnaire
General Plan - Major Amendments - Application, Procedure and Submittal Requirements
General Plan - Minor Amendments - Application, Procedure and Submittal Requirements
Green Building Program Application
Legal Non-Conforming Group Home Registration
Liquor Use Permit Application and Submittal Requirements
Reasonable Accommodation Waiver
Request for Clarification
Rezoning and Preliminary Development Plan Application
Sign Detail for Public Hearings and Sign Posting Affidavit
Sign Permit Application
Temporary Sign Permit Application​
Use Permit Application
Variance Application
Zoning Administrative Review Application
Zoning Clearance Application, Home Business
Zoning Clearance Application, Manufactured Homes
Zoning Clearance Application, Residential Care Home / Group Home
Zoning Verification Letter Application

Section 3: General Plan and Area Plans

Section 4: Planning Policies

Section 5: Site Development and On-Site Civil Engineering

Section 6: Off-Site Improvement Regulations

Civil Engineering Plan Requirements and Resources



Paving, Streetlights & Traffic:

Water, Sewer, Reclaimed:

Dry Utilities:

Utility Permit Manual
Civil Improvements/Encroachment Permit Application, Street Cut Application & Certificate of Quantities
Civil Engineering Utility Company Notes (Supplemental Conditions for Approval)
Minimum Coverage Requirements
Plan Review Checklist
Permit & Pavement Fee Schedule (see section 8 for Transportation & Development)
Building Permit Application
Permit Notification Form
Construction Sign Ordinance (see 46-2.7 Paragraph E)
Horizontal Directional and Hole-Hog Drilling (Boring)
Pavement Cut Requirements
Engineered Utility Bore Detail C-112
Abandoned Utilities in the City’s Right of Way, TDP-275
Sight Distance Compliances (see Figure 5 of Street Design and Access Control Technical Design Manual - TDM #4 and City Details C-246, C-247 and C-248).
Request for Inspection Outside Normal Business Hours
Joint Trench Contacts
Ramp Replacement Requirements (see City Details C-243, C-245, C-249 & C-257 & C-258)
List of Approved Products

Section 7: Off-Site Inspection and Permitting

Section 8: Engineering Design Standards and Policies Manuals

MAG Supplements:

Technical Design Manuals (TDMs):

Section 9: Building Permit and Construction Standards

Construction Contracting Calculations for Jobsites - land not owned - sample
Construction Contracting Calculations for Jobsites - land owned by contractor/builder - (Sample) (Rev 12-15-06)
Contractor Licensure Verification Form (Rev 6-17-11)
Contractor Tax Security (Rev 6-17-11)
Special Inspection Certificate (PDF)
Homeowner Building Permit Manual (PDF)
Irrigation System Installation (PDF)
Permit Refund Request Rev 6-17-11
Pool Excavation Form
Pool Plan Review Submittal Requirements 
Residential Plan Review Checklist (PDF)
Tenant Improvement Plan Submittal Requirements (PDF)
Truss Design Review Waiver - Single Family Dwellings
Typical Above Ground Pool/Spa (Electrical)
Water Meter Certificate (Rev 6-17-11)
Solicitud de Permiso de Construcción
Petition of Appeal to the Building Official (PDF)
Plan Review/Permit Extension Request (PDF)
Solar Review Checklist - Commercial Photovoltaic System (PDF)
Solar Review Checklist - Residential Photovoltaic System (PDF)
Solar Review Checklist - Residential Solar Pool Heater System (PDF)
Solar Review Checklist - Residential Solar Water Heater System (PDF)
Bond Exemption Application - State of Arizona DOR
Fire Notification System Pre-Test Verification