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Adaptive Reuse

Program Overview
The purpose of the district is to encourage and facilitate the reuse of existing commercial buildings/properties that are underutilized or underperforming. This is accomplished through a special overlay district that relaxes site development standards that otherwise make the reuse of existing buildings, structures and sites economically unfeasible. Such site development standards include, but are not limited to, lot coverage, building setbacks, parking requirements and mechanical equipment screening.

What is Adaptive Reuse?
In common usage, adaptive reuse is the process of converting an existing building to a new use. It may include expanding such properties.

Some types
of adaptive reuse projects are:
  • Change in use from residential to commercial
  • Change from one type of commercial to another
  • Reactivation of a building that has been vacant
  • Small scale infill (or an addition) on an existing, small site
  • Redevelopment of an older shopping center to mixed use

What Are Some Typical Issues?
When adapting and existing building to a new use, complying with current codes is sometime an issue for smaller freestanding buildings, buildings on small lots, and even older shopping centers, which all have different challenges. In some situations, properties are physically constrained in ways that impede compliance with city regulations. In others, the cost and time required to fully comply, discourages investment.

The Adaptive Reuse Program can help project overcome development challenges such as:
  • Building setback requirements
  • Minimum parking requirements
  • Parking location
  • Mechanical screening
  • Signage
Why Have an Adaptive Reuse Program?
Creative adaptive reuse projects can set the stage for more redevelopment that is envisioned in the city’s policies. Attracting smaller, innovative businesses into existing buildings can serve existing neighborhoods while also setting the tone for larger scale redevelopment.

The key objectives are to:

  • Stimulate reinvestment in established areas
  • Support development of local business
  • Generate jobs for Chandler residents
  • Generate tax revenues to support city services
  • Support neighborhood revitalization by providing services nearby
  • Support sustainability by making use of existing building materials
For additional Information, contact:

James Smith
Economic Development Innovation Manager


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