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Homes in the Arizona desert

U.S. Census Bureau Population Estimates

Chandler's population estimates are based on the latest Census count and mid-decade estimates.  The following Census data for Chandler is provided below for convenience.  Census data can be accessed directly from the Census Bureau's Web site at

2013 Chandler City Profile

The 2013 City Profile was prepared by the Planning Division in 2012 and contains a wealth of
demographic information from 2010 Census, American Community Survey 2007-2011, as well
as other sources.  Click on the image below to view and print the profile.

2013 Chandler City Profile

Census 2000
Citywide - City of Chandler Census 2000 Demographics
(For most current population and housing units estimate, see the Population web page for more information).

Demographic Quick Reference Table (PDF)
Includes the Quick Facts listed below, population by type of household, relationship in households, and population with two or more races.

Social Quick Reference Table (PDF)
Includes school enrollment, educational attainment, marital status, veteran status, residence in 1995, nativity and place of birth, region of birth of foreign born, language spoken at home, and ancestry among other information.

Economic Quick Reference Table (PDF)
Includes employment status, commuting to work, occupation, industry, income, poverty status and class of worker information.

Housing Quick Reference Table (PDF)
Includes year structure was built, units in structure, rooms, year householder moved into unit, vehicles available, house heating fuel, occupants per room, mortgage status and selected monthly owner costs, and gross rent among other information.

Quick Facts (April 1, 2000):
Total Population: 176,939*
Total Housing Units: 66,592
Median Age: Male 30.6, Female 31.8, both Male and Female 31.2
Median Home Value: $137,600
Median Household Income: $58,416

*The original Census 2000 population count on April 1, 2000 was 176,581 and was officially updated on June 18, 2004 by the U.S. Census Bureau through the Geographically Updated Population Certification Program (GUPCP) to 176,939.  The GUPCP enables cities to add population that existed at the time the Census 2000 was taken (April 1, 2000) based upon annexations that have occurred since then. 
Race Population Percent
White 136,296 77.2%
African American 6,151 3.5%
Asian 7,453 4.2%
Asian Indian 1,578 0.9%
Chinese 2,007 101%
Filipino 1,199 0.7%
Japanese 367 0.2%
Korean 531 0.3%
Vietnamese 918 0.5%
Other Asian1 853 0.5%
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander 251 0.1%
Native Hawaiian 81 -
Guamanian or Chamorro 57 -
Samoan 42 -
Other Pacific Islander2 71 -
Some Other Race 18,993 10.8%
Two or More Races 5,316 3.0%
- Represents zero or rounds to zero
1 Other Asian alone, or two or more Asian categories.
2 Other Pacific Islander alone, or two or more Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander Categories.

Hispanic or Latino:
Hispanic or Latino (of any race)          37,059           21.0%    
Mexican          29,334  16.6%
Puerto Rican               702    0.4%
Cuban               175    0.1%
Other Hispanic or Latino            6,848    3.9%
Not Hispanic or Latino        139,522  79.0%
Housing Occupancy:
Total Housing Units      66,592        100.0%  
Occupied Housing Units      62,377   93.7%
Vacant Housing Units        4,215     6.3%
Seasonal, recreational, occasional use        1,045     1.6%

Vacancy Rates:
Homeowner vacancy rate: 1.5%
Rental vacancy rate:  10.2%

Occupied Housing Units      62,377    100.0%
Owner-occupied housing units      45,909        73.6%       
Renter-occupied housing units      16,468      26.4%
Average Household Size:
Average household size of owner-occupied units:  2.86
Average household size of renter-occupied units:  2.70

Historical Census Counts:
Historical population data from the U.S. Census Bureau was surveyed on April 1st of each identified year. Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Census 2000 and City of Chandler, Transportation and Development Department
Click here to download/print historical census population counts (includes Special Census counts).

Census 2000 Comparisons Tables
Municipality Comparisons