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Management Services Department

The Chandler Management Services Department is comprised of several divisions that provide support services for the entire organization. The divisions include: Administration, Accounting, Budget, Central Supply, Environmental Management, Purchasing, Tax and License, and Utility Services.

Dawn Lang, Management Services DirectorPlease select one of the following categories to learn more about what services the Management Services Department provides.

Management Services Department
Administration serves the Management Services Department and provides financial management and support services to other City departments. In addition to maintaining the financial integrity of the City with comprehensive financial administration, this division also provides for the development, coordination and review of all activities in the department including: Budget, Purchasing, Central Supply, Accounting, Tax and License, Utility Services and Environmental Management.
Accounting is responsible for maintaining accurate financial records and providing timely financial information to the public, bondholders, grantors, auditors, City Council and City management. This division is responsible for the areas of general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, special assessments, fixed assets, cash management, investments, debt management, grant accounting and compliance with accounting policies and procedures city wide.
The Budget Division ensures effective and efficient allocation of City resources to enable the City Council, City Manager and City departments to provide quality services to our citizens. The Division prepares, monitors, researches alternatives and presents the City’s Annual Budget and Capital Improvement Program. The Budget Division is also responsible for development of long-