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Planning and Zoning

Transportation & Development Department buildingThe Transportation and Development Department strives to promote the development of a community with a high quality of life, coordinate redevelopment efforts, and address the basic needs of Chandler’s citizens through professional planning strategies that lead to sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Current Zoning Cases
Review zoning cases and associated development exhibits that are currently going through the public hearing process
Planning Documents
Zoning and Sign Code (Chapters 35 and 39 of the City of Chandler Code)
General Plan
Area Plans (Airpark Area Plan, Southeast Chandler Area Plan, S. Arizona Ave Corridor)
Planning & Zoning Policies

Application, Fees and Checklists
Rezoning, Use Permit, Variance, etc.
Development Process & Other Info
Liquor Licensing and Zoning Approval
Public Hearing Process
Sign Detail for Public Hearings

Map Gallery
General Plan Future Land Use map, area plan maps, etc.
Zoning Map

Boards and Commissions
Planning and Zoning Commission
Board of Adjustment
Architectural Excellence Awards Committee
Architectural Review Committee

Staff is available Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except legal holidays, to answer building code, zoning or civil engineering questions 480-782-3000

Office Location:
Transportation & Development
215 E. Buffalo St.
Chandler, AZ 85225