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Environmental Education Exploration: Grades K - 2 

To reserve your field trip or learn more about these programs contact Ariane Francis at 480-782-2886.

Spring time is when many plants exhibit their showiness of vibrant colors and scents to attract animals that aid in pollination. Students will learn what pollinators and pollinizers are and the process of how pollen is transferred to create seeds for new plants.

Plant Cycle: Flora of the Sonoran Desert
Students will be able to identify the basic structure and functions in plants while exploring the diversity of flora found in the Sonoran Desert. They will learn what plants need to survive and understand the plant cycle. They will record their observations through writing and drawing in a journal that they will be able to take home with them.

Cacti, Mountains, and Hiking…Oh My!
Students will observe common objects found in the Sonoran Desert using multiple senses. They will be able to define what an object, organism, and event is by exploring our park preserve. Students will engage in a real life investigation and communicate their observations through pictographs, pictures, and words.

Solar System
Students will take a tour along Chandler's Solar System Walk, and through the series of monuments and signs they will learn about the sun, planets, and other objects found in our solar system. Along with the tour, students will learn about constellations and the impact on technology and space travel.

Habitats of the Sonoran Desert
The Sonoran Desert provides a home to many types of plants and animals. Students will explore the park grounds and compare various habitats found in the Sonoran Desert. Students will be able to identify various plants and animals native to the Sonoran Desert and be able to explain what makes up a habitat.

Earth Day
Celebrated world wide to spread awareness about protecting the Earth’s natural resources and its environment, this program focuses on one of Earth's most precious resource, water. Students will learn how to conserve water, while learning about the water cycle and how plants use water to survive.

Animals of the Sonoran Desert: Classification
Students will observe animals of the Sonoran Desert. They will explore their behaviors and habitats by looking around our desert preserve, viewing through binoculars, and exploring specimens. Students will learn how to sort their findings using the classification system known as taxonomy.

Natural Resources
Natural resources like wind, solar, water, air, metal are resources that occur naturally in the environment. Every man-made product is composed of natural resources. In this program students will learn about natural resources and how they can be used as a clean form of energy.

Scientific Careers
Learn what different types of scientists do as part of their jobs. Students will be able to describe the development of different technologies and how they have had an impact on our society. Students will design and conduct a technological solution to a common problem or need using common materials.

Even the desert has different weather patterns during each season. Students will learn and observe how and why our climate changes during the year. They will be able to identify temperature, wind, precipitation, and storms and provide examples of how the weather affects people's daily activities.