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Each January, Chandler sponsors the Multicultural Festival, in association with the Celebration of Unity,  to highlight the cultural diversity of our community through music, dance, art, storytelling and more.

Saturday, January 18, 2014
11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Downtown Library Plaza

Chandler’s 19th Annual Multicultural Festival highlighted the cultural diversity of our community through music, dance, art, storytelling and more.  Everyone can enjoy great food from different cultures, information on our sponsors and organizations that promote cultural diversity, along with arts & crafts that represent various cultures.
The Chandler Multicultural Festival is presented by the City's Diversity Office with the support of the Friends of the Chandler Public Library. 

Thank you to our sponsors:

Unity Stage Schedule

11am-12pm                      USA Naturalization Ceremony
12:10-12:20pm                 Mayor's Welcome
12:25-12:40pm                 Korean Traditional Music Group
1:00-1:45pm                      Dueto Tierra Bella
2:00-2:15pm                      The Art of Belly Dancing by Semia
2:20-2:35pm                      Theo Martey
2:55-3:40pm                      Fuschicho Daiko Drummers
3:45-4:00pm                      Creative Expression Competition Winners

Entertainment Bios

Dueto Tierra Bella
Peter and Maria Lopez are a husband and wife dueto (duet) that have played Mexican folk music for the past several years. Their group originally consisted of four musicians that played in the Los Angeles and Long Beach areas of California. However, Peter and Maria are recent residents of the Gilbert-Chandler area for the past two and a half years, and the group is now the two of them. Their instruments consist of the Mexican Folk Harp and a multiple-string rhythm guitar instrument known in Mexico as the "Jarana." They usually play for various home celebrations and other local events.

Fushicho Diako Drummers
Fushicho Daiko (Phoenix Taiko Drummers) is Phoenix Arizona’s premier Taiko performing ensemble, presenting both traditional and original Japanese Taiko songs with power, energy, skill and joy. The combination of sound, movement, instruments and teamwork create a dynamic, spellbinding audience experience.

Based in Phoenix, and founded in 1992, Fushicho Daiko has shared their music with schools, colleges, communities, in theaters and festivals throughout Phoenix, Arizona and Japan for over 20 years.

Their downtown Phoenix studio/dojo provides classes and workshops for all ages from beginning students to advanced performing groups. With over 40 students and 5 community performing groups, they welcome everyone to join them to learn more about this ancient and exciting art form.

Korean Traditional Music Group
Since January of 2011, a Korean traditional music group, led by Misuk Kujawski, has been performing here in Phoenix and throughout the valley. She has been teaching both children and adults who wish to learn about Korean percussion since that time. Misuk was born and raised in South Korea where she was an elementary school teacher. In addition to her teaching duties, she developed a love for and began to teach both traditional Korean music and traditional dance. The Korean Samulnori classes that she currently teaches are open to anyone, from any age or heritage, who wishes to learn these cultural rhythms.

The Art of Belly Dancing by Samia
Samia has been teaching and performing Middle Eastern Dance for 40 years.
Samia is also a vendor of Middle Eastern Dance costumes and supplies.
Currently teaching "The Art of Belly Dancing" in several locations in the Valley,
including Chandler Community Center on Thursday evenings. Belly Dancing is fun
for all ages and sizes. Even though it's mostly a dance for women, there are several
men that also perform this artful dance. Classes consist of dance moves which utilize
muscles throughout the entire body as one freestyles to the Middle Eastern sounds.
Students also learn finger cymbals, veil, and floor work. A variety of specialties, including
sword, candle, wings, cane, baskets, and double veil, can be added to the dancers routine
to add additional flare to one's performance. Come join in on the Exotic Way to Exercise!

THEO MARTEY, Drummer, Dancer/Choreographer, from Manchester, NH
Theophilus (Theo) Nii Martey is a talented artist originally from Accra Ghana, West Africa, who now resides in Manchester, NH. Theo is a songwriter, Recording Artist, Choreographer, Performer and Teacher. He is a master of West African drumming and dance, a heritage that has many subtle variations in rhythmic patterns, dance styles, and colorful costumes all specific to a wide diversity of tribal groups from the region. Theo is the director/leader of the Akwaaba Ensemble a 7 members group that performs Ghanaian traditional music and dance. They travel for performances all over the United States, Europe and Africa.

Volunteer Information

Are you interested in volunteering?  We have a great opportunity for anyone who needs community service hours or just want to help out a great event. Do you want to assist with the entertainment or help out with the activity booths?  We are actively seeking volunteers to assist with this great community event. 

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Vendor Information
The Multicultural Festival is seeking vendors to participate in this year's event. Interested vendors must submit an application either online or by mail to the City of Chandler.

Submitting Application:
     - The 2013 Vendor Priority application deadline is Friday, November 15, 2013.
     - The general vendor application deadline is Friday, December 13, 2013 or when all space has been reserved.
     - If you are a new organization applying to participate in the event, your application will be accepted on a first come first serve basis once the priority 
     deadline has expired. You are encouraged to submit an application prior to the 2013 vendor priority deadline and applications will be held in the order
     they are received.

**The deadline has passed to apply for the Multicultural Festival.  We have only a couple of booths available for cultural merchandise or children's activities.  If you would like to still apply, please call 480-782-2669 to see if you would be eligible to participate.

Submit an application for the 2014 Multicultural Festival here:
     Vendor Information Sheet (pdf)
     Application (pdf)   or    Online Vendor Application (online version no longer available)

**Applications are still being accepted for booth space. Limted space is still available.
For questions or additional information on becoming a vendor, please call 480-782-2665.

Event History

In 1995, the Friends of the Chandler Public Library established the Chandler Multicultural Festival to bring the community together for a fun-filled day of art, music, and dance while also learning a little more about the rich cultural diversity that exists in our community. The festival has grown into a signature event for the City and offers a quality arts experience in the comfortable setting of the downtown Chandler Public Library!  

The Multicultural Festival is a part of the Celebration of Unity annual events held each January to honor our community's heritage and diversity, along with the spirit and ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the civil rights movement. 

Visit the Celebration of Unity web page for more information on our 2013 event!

Chandler Special Events Hotline: 480-782-2735