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2016 General Plan Update Process Documentation

Chandler General Plan 2016
was adopted by the City Council on April 14, 2016 and submitted to voters for ratification on August 30, 2016 (see Resolution No. 4948). 

Final adopted version of the General Plan:

Chandler General Plan 2016  download/print pdf (5.6 MB)

Chandler General Plan 2016  view on

Public Hearings:

Presentation (pdf) Presented at the 60-day review public meetings.

Public Participation Update Process:
The documents linked below outline the extensive public participation, input received, and numerous revisions made to the draft General Plan as it made its way through the update process.   

General Information:
General Plan Update Fact Sheet
Hoja de Datos de la Actualización del Plan General

Citizens' Advisory Committee Meeting Agendas, Handouts & Summaries:

3-3-2015 Agenda
3-3-2015 Meeting Summary

4-20-2015 Agenda
4-20-2015 General Plan Audit & Strategic Analysis
4-20-2015 Chandler Today, Foundation for Tomorrow
4-20-2015 Mission Statement (Draft)
4-20-2015 General Plan Framework (Draft) 
4-20-2015 2013 City Profile
4-20-2015 Meeting Summary

6-15-2015 Agenda
6-15-2015 Vision Fest Summary
6-15-2015 Meeting Summary

7-14-2015 Future Vision and Policy Considerations

8-17-2015 Agenda
Policy Considerations Outreach Summary
Preferred Alternative Working Paper
8-17-2015 Meeting Summary

11-16-2015 Agenda
11-16-2016 Meeting Summary

2-22-2016 Agenda
2-22-2016 60-Day Review and CAC Comments
2-22-2016 January Planning Forum Summaries
2-22-2016 Meeting Notes

Planning Lab Notes:
Regional Resource Team:
Regional Resource Team Meeting Notes 4-29-2015
Regional Resource Team Meeting Notes 11-17-2015