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Downtown Redevelopment

Downtown Chandler has a little something for everyone, whether you are looking for a chic party venue, checking out the best in local brew and wine, shopping for the latest one-of-a-kind fashion accessory or just want to enjoy lunch with friends.

Downtown Chandler is becoming one of the Phoenix Valley’s most enjoyable places to eat, work, live, and play. With more than 170 upscale, luxury town homes reaching completion, downtown Chandler is an up and coming hub that is full of activities around the clock with an average of more than 25 festivals and even a year, there is almost never a dull day in downtown Chandler. 

Redevelopment Vision
The City of Chandler is a vibrant community looking to its past for inspiration for new designs that fit its image as a high-tech community. The goal is to create an urban environment that is pedestrian friendly with architecture and character that is unique. This strategy include strategically placed parking structures, pedestrian walkways, striking historically inspired architecture, historic preservation and uses that complement the community and marketplace.
Historic Downtown Chandler ever increasing and competitive marketplace, establishes itself with a strong identity, both architecturally and with unique, mixed-use developments.  Historic Downtown Chandler has distinguished itself as an alternative to the Chandler Fashion Center, 3 miles west of the Historic District while it benefits from its current unique architecture, the office users, the Crowne Plaza San Marcos Golf Resort and its pedestrian friendly scale.

The City of Chandler and the Downtown Chandler Community Partners
The City of Chandler partners with DCCP, a 501(c) 6 not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to mobilize leadership and resources to advance the development of downtown Chandler as a regional destination for shopping, dining, living, culture and the arts.

It works on behalf of the Enhanced Municipal District, created in 2006, to provide enhanced marketing and promotion, safety and beautification of the downtown area beyond what is done by the City of Chandler and downtown merchants.

The District is bordered on the north by Chandler Blvd; the south by Frye Road; the