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Business Location Team
Chandler boasts an excellent business climate for first-time entrepreneurs seeking to enter the market as well as experienced business owners looking to expand, relocate, convert and/or renovate an existing space.

The mission of the City of Chandler’s Business Location Team (BLT) is to help entrepreneurs navigate the property development and permit processes. You will be guided by a knowledgeable team of City staff from the Development Services, Economic Development, Fire and Planning divisions.

Additional benefits include:

  • Single point of contact
  • Responsive staff
  • Tailored plan of development
  • Comprehensive team approach
  • Personal interaction between City staff and the client, design team and contractor
  • Plain conversation
  • Explanations that include "why?"
  • Alternative solutions
  • User-friendly
  • Time savings = Money savings
Download The Business Location Team Brochure

For additional information, contact :    

James Smith
Economic Development Program Manager

LeeRay Hanly
Building Plan Review Manager