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Environmental Education Exploration

Thank you for choosing the City of Chandler’s Environmental Education Exploration program for your group.

To capitalize on children’s natural curiosity to discover new  things, we have developed programs which allow them to learn through visual, auditory,and tactile experiences.  Our goal is to provide hands-on learning activities focused on the environment of the Sonoran Desert and sustainability while supporting the academic standards set by the Arizona State Board of Education. Programs are grade specific and encourage students to apply scientific thinking which will enable them to strengthen skills they will use every day such as problem solving,   team work, exploration, identification, and more. 

To reserve your field trip or learn more about these programs contact Ariane Francis at 480-782-2886 or by mail at

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Homeschool Days

Thursday, May 11

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Celestial Navigation
Thursday, August 10

Understand the earth composition, formation, and how the solar system influences our daily lives. Participants will study the earth from both a historical and current time frame. Learn about celestial navigation and how it influenced our modern technology of satellite navigation system. Register online