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Daily Care, Not Cure ... Why Slow Weight Loss Wins
By Dr. Brendan Levy, Gastrotrim Center

We live in a society that encourages quick fixes and perfection. When we want something, we want it now. We are willing to put in some work quickly to get some desired effect, but is this the best way to reach our goals? Can someone get slim really fast and maintain the new weight? Yes, but the majority of us likely won’t be able to do this. Fast weight loss can’t last because it usually means a drastic and quick change in eating habits and lifestyle. Both are very hard to sustain in the long run. 

There is no cure for being overweight, but there needs to be a slow adoption of a daily care or maintenance program. Slow weight loss really leads to an easing in to a different lifestyle. You are investing in yourself one day at a time to maintain healthy behaviors and eating habits. You slowly realize what works for you and what doesn’t over time. You come to know that you can stick with your plan for the rest of your life. Then, your program becomes a lifetime commitment and not just another diet that is hard to maintain. 

When dieting you also have to be careful not to set too strict rules for yourself. There should be some wiggle room in any diet so that if you “slip up” you don’t say “what the hell” and just let the whole diet go to pot. There is no perfect diet and you don’t have to stick to your diet 100 percent, or else you are susceptible to disappointment and negative self-beliefs, which we all know feeds emotional eating. 

Be kind and gentle to yourself over this process, so that the slipups are not considered abnormal, but part of the norm. This allows you to move on with a positive attitude and get back on track quickly. Self-compassion is very important when we are trying to reach any of our goals in life. There is an 80/20 rule in life and this pertains to healthy eating habits also. Eighty percent of your food choices should come from wholesome foods, while the remaining 20 percent can be treats.  You can use a 90/10 rule if you like. If you are responsible with what you eat most of the time, you will be happy with your progress. 

So, it seems simple, and it is. After all, there is no magic pill or supplement that will miraculously get you to the weight of your dreams. Say goodbye to the all-or-nothing mindset. Weight loss is best achieved over time and in moderation. This is much more empowering than a quick burst followed by a rebound of the weight. Keep in mind that this is a daily care maintenance program for you, and not a sprint to some endpoint. Keep up the good work and the baby steps one day at a time.

Dr. Brendan LevyDr. Brendan Levy is a board certified gastroenterologist and co-developer of the Gastrotrim Center located in Chandler, AZ. The Gastrotrim Center offers a medically supervised comprehensive weight lo