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Airport Commission

The seven-member commission makes recommendations to the City Council regarding the municipal airport's physical growth, economic development, proposed land use relating to leases and fixed base operations and establishment of policy for airport operations.

Meetings are usually held the 2nd Wednesday of every month.
7 p.m., at the Chandler Airport Terminal, 2380 S. Stinson Way

Requirements: 7 members (3 year term); qualified elector; resident for 1 yr. preceding appointment; 1 member must be resident of the Sun Lakes community. One Councilmember is appointed to the commission as an ex officio member to serve as liaison between the Commission and the City Council.
The term of each member shall be for three (3) years, and each member shall serve until his/her successor is appointed and qualified. Any vacancy in office during the term shall be filled by the Mayor with approval of the Council for the unexpired term.

Members (7) Term Expires Date Appointed
Chasey Tezak 05-01-2020 02-11-2016
James Symonds 05-01-2020 08-10-2017
David Sperling 05-01-2020 05-24-2012
Kelly McMullen 05-01-2018 01-14-2010
Sherri Koshiol 05-01-2018 04-30-2015
Dean Busk 05-01-2019 04-14-2016
Andrew Carroll 05-01-2019 04-14-2016
Councilmember Mark Stewart Ex-Officio
Staff Liaison
Chris Andres
Airport Administrator

Revised  01-30-2018

Board and Commission Handbook

Established 9-23-76; Ordinance No. 685

Bylaws (Adopted 12/2016)

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If you have any questions call the City Clerk's Office at 480-782-2181.