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Parks and Recreation Board

The seven-member board assists and advises City Council, City Manager and staff in the development and continuing review of goals and objectives for Chandler's park system and recreation programs.

They also assist and advise in providing essential policies, rules and regulations relating to the use of recreation facilities and programs; planning and development of parklands and recreational areas; and in establishing priorities relating to park development and recreation programs.

Meetings usually held the 1st Tuesday of every month
5 p.m.
Chandler Council Chambers, 88 E. Chicago Street.
Call 782-2660 for information.

Requirements: 7 members (3 yr term); 6 members must be qualified electors; residents for 1 yr preceding Appointment.  1 member may be a resident of the local planning area for 1 yr preceding Appointment.

The term of each member shall be for three (3) years, and each member shall serve until his/her successor is appointed and qualified. Any vacancy in office during the term shall be filled by the Mayor with approval of the Council for the unexpired term. 

Members (7) Term Expires  Date Appointed
Linda Peterson-Price 05-01-2017 05-28-2009
Erin Hays 05-01-2016 12-11-2014
Dean Visser 05-01-2015 06-22-2006
Paul Rose 05-01-2015 04-26-2012
Damon Testa 05-01-2015 06-22-2006 
William Staples, Jr. 05-01-2016 02-12-2009
Joseph Guadagno 05-01-2016 02-25-2010
Staff Liaison

Mickey Ohland, Park
Development & Operations Mgr.

Barbara Young, Recreation Mgr.






Rev. 12-12-2014

Established 9-24-70 Ordinance No.481

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