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Elections and Voter Registration
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The term of the office of Mayor and Councilmember is four years and is limited to two consecutive terms. Candidate elections are held in the even numbered years. Each election year, 3 positions for City Council are up for election. Every four years an election is held for the office of Mayor. The current annual salary for the position of Mayor is $55,916.25. The current annual salary for the position of Councilmember (including Vice Mayor) is $32,743.75. 

2018 Primary Election Information

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Please contact the City Clerk's Office for more information:

Dana DeLong, City Clerk
480-782-2185 FAX

Elecciones y Registro de Votantes

El periodo para los puestos de Alcalde y Miembros del Concilio es de cuatro años y está limitado a dos periodos consecutivos. Las elecciones de los candidatos