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 Construction Update


On Friday Nov 7 at 0800 the Erosion Control Project enters Phase 4.  During this phase runway 4L/22R will be closed along with taxiway A between K and N and between D and H.  Taxiway L will also be closed.  Taxiways H and N will be available for access to and from the active runway, 4R/22L.  Taxiway H does not go through to the ramp so access to H will be via the unnamed taxiway stub just north of the hangars.  This taxiway stub will be temporarily designated and signed as Taxiway H for the duration of the phase, see map. 
This phase is scheduled to be complete on Nov 21 after which there are two more short duration phases to finish up.  That will conclude this project about two weeks ahead of schedule.  Remember to check NOTAMs and be alert to ATC instructions.