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Chandler:: Population Demographics
Great care has gone into meeting the lifestyle expectations of Chandler residents
Between 1990 and 2000, Chandler was the 7th fastest growing city in the United States of those with a population 
more than 100,000. View the Demographic Intersection Map.

Chandler's current estimated population: 243,884 as of Apr. 1, 2014
Note: Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander includes people who indicate their race as "Native Hawaiian,"  "Guamanian or
Chamorro," "Samoan," and "Other Pacific Islander."
Note: Multi Race/Other includes all persons not included in the "White", "Black or African American", "Hispanic/Latino group (for example, Mexican, Puerto Rican, or Cuban)", "American Indian and Alaska Native", "Asian" and "Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander" race categories described  above who describes themselves as multiracial, mixed, and interracial.
Methodology: Population is estimated using the 2010 Census Population (236,123) as a base and a monthly basis adding the estimated population from new residential units, annexed units, and group quarters, and subtracting estimated population from demolished units.  Population per housing unit and vacancy assumptions are derived from 2010 Census.
Chart as of February 1, 2014