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Education Levels and Schools

A well-educated workforce now and in the making

In addition to being young and affluent, Chandler residents are well-educated, with nearly 70 percent having some college education. The high-tech industries within Chandler attract and retain these well-educated residents.

Highest Educational Attainment
Chandler Unified School District's dropout rate of 0.9 percent is below state (3.7 percent) and national averages.

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Source: ESRI Business Analyst 2017

Higher Education
Nearby Colleges and Universities Supply Young, Talented Graduates

Greater Phoenix is home to a myriad of top-notch colleges, universities and specialized institutions committed to providing a trained workforce to support 21st century jobs, including:
  • Arizona State University, the largest public university by enrollment in the United States. ASU has more than 91,000 students across five Greater Phoenix campuses, four regional learning centers throughout Arizona and its ASU Online programs. In Downtown Chandler, ASU has established its Chandler Innovation Center where it hosts workshops, events, and provides engineering and technology-based education.
  • The University of Arizona, which has a total enrollment of more than 43,000 students. UA’s main campus is in Tucson but the university has an expanding presence in Greater Phoenix, which includes its UA College of Medicine-Phoenix campus and Eller MBA programs in downtown Phoenix, and its Master of Education Program in Downtown Chandler.
  • Maricopa Community Colleges, one of the nation’s largest community college districts, serving more than 265,000 students annually. The countywide district has 10 colleges including Chandler-Gilbert Community College in Chandler.

Source: University of Arizona, Arizona State University

Chandler School Districts
The City of Chandler is served by five public school districts; as well as private and charter schools. In addition, several institutions of higher learning and workforce development are located in or near Chandler. 

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