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Housing and Cost of Living

No matter the choice, Chandler-living suits a variety of lifestyles and budgets. What doesn’t vary is the quality of the experience.  

Voted one of Money Magazine’s “100 Best Places to Live” and Chandler is the top city with a population more than 240,000. In addition to that distinction, Chandler was named one of the “5 Great Places to Live (and retire)” by AARP and among the “100 Best Communities for Young People” by the Alliance for Youth. Chandler has been named a top place for young people for the last three years, an extremely rare merit. People of all ages are glad to call Chandler home.

Chandler's current estimated housing units: 104,821
Source: Chandler Long Range Planning Division, March 1, 2018

Metropolitan Phoenix Composite

Composite Groceries Housing Utilities  Transportation Health Care  Misc.
95.1 96.1 94.4 98.2 93.3 96.2 94.6

Source: ACCRA Cost of Living Index 2017

Housing Opportunity Index 
The Housing Opportunity Index (HOI) for a given area is defined as the share of homes sold in that area that are affordable to a family earning the median income. 

Location % of Home Affordable 
for Median Income
Median Family Income Median Sales Price National Affordability Rank
Washington, DC 67.2 107.6 380 125
Phoenix, AZ 65.8 66.2 248 136
Salt Lake City, UT 64.6 75.4 294 141
Chicago, IL 60.3 77.5 250 153
Las Vegas, NV 58.7 61.9 254 163
Austin, TX 57.4 81.4 293 168
Denver, CO 51.5 83.9 376 178
Boston, MA  44.0 94.3 435 199
Seattle, WA 39.1 96.0 500 205