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Applications, Fees & Checklists

The links on this page represent the most requested applications and related information and is provided for user convenience. A complete list of applications and related information is available at the Unified Development Manual’s website,

Application Fees
System Development Fees
Arterial Streets Application for Credit Agreement
System Development Fee Credit Agreement (Unofficial)

Planning & Zoning Applications:

Administrative Use Permit
Annexation Guide & Application
Area Plan Application
Green Building Program
Liquor Use Permit and Submittal Requirements
Planning Permit Time Frames  
Request for Clarification
Rezoning / Preliminary Development Plan
Sign Permit

Temporary Sign Permit Application​
Single-Family Infill Program
Use Permit
Zoning Verification 

Zoning Clearance Applications:
Home Business
Legal Non-Conforming Group Home (for residential care homes/group homes legally operating before December 8, 2013)
Manufactured Homes 
Reasonable Accommodation Waiver (for Residential Care Homes)
Residential Care Home / Group Home

Permit Applications:
Preliminary Technical Site Plan Application, Instructions & Process, and Site Plan Checklist or Subdivision Plan Checklist
Building Permit
Address Verification
Civil Engineering Minor Land Division Submittal Form, and Checklist
Civil Engineering Permit Time Frames
Civil Engineering Preliminary Plat Submittal Form, and Checklist
Civil Engineering Final Plat Submittal Form, and Checklist
Civil Improvements/Encroachment Permit & Street Cut Application (PDF)
Class 4, 5, and 6 Encroachment/Right-of-Way(ROW) Licenses and/or Use Agreements
Development Services Permit Time Frames
Grading at Owner’s Risk Permit Disclaimer
Plan Review/Permit Extension Request (PDF)
Pool Excavation Form, and Pool Plan Review Submittal Requirements
Reclaimed Water Users Manual & Application
Small Wireless Facilities

Additional Information:
Civil Engineering On-Lot Retention Policy
Homeowner Building Permit Manual
Initial Site Plan Set Submittal Guide for New Commercial, Industrial & Multi-family Projects
Irrigation System Installation
Performance Bond Procedures
Residential Plan Review Checklist
Sign Detail for Public Hearings
Sign Posting Affidavit for Public Hearings
Tenant Improvement Plan Submittal Requirements
Water Meter Certificate  
Fire Department Plan Review Guides for:
Building Plans
Site Plans
Underground Fire Lines

Staff is available Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except holidays, to answer building code, zoning
or civil engineeringquestions at 480-782-3000

Office Location:
Development Services
215 E. Buffalo St
Chandler, AZ 85225