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Physical Health

A strong focus on fitness and the provision of a vast network of recreational amenities throughout the community recently earned Mayor Jay Tibshraeny the “Outstanding Public Official Award” by the Arizona Parks & Recreation Association -- a non-profit association organized to promote, broaden and improve parks and recreation in Arizona.

And avid runner and cyclist, Mayor Tibshraeny has been recognized for furthering the quality of life in Chandler through his leadership, advocacy and consistent support of parks, recreation, and cultural services. He led the City through a period of exceptional growth during his first two terms as Mayor from 1994 to 2002, focusing City efforts on the development of a strong parks and recreation system.

When re-elected in January 2011 after serving eight years in the State Senate, Mayor Tibshraeny stressed the importance that recreational amenities play in a community. He prioritized resources for the maintenance and sustainability of parks and recreation facilities and programs despite the effects the Great Recession was having on staffing levels and revenues.

When revenues began to improve, the Mayor pushed for the acceleration of park projects that had been delayed and implemented a number of quality of life initiatives, including the popular Mayor’s Day of Play, held each October at Tumbleweed Park.

The coming fiscal year will continue to see new parks projects that will include upgrades to the Snedigar Sports Complex as well as Tumbleweed, Pima and Shawnee parks.

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