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Prescription Card FAQs

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about the prescription cards:
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What is the name of this discount prescription card?
The name of the card is the Coast2Coast Rx Card.

Do I have to register the card before using it?
No. Cardholders simply take the card to a participating pharmacy.

How many pharmacies are in the network?
There are more than 59,000 pharmacies in the network, and includes all major pharmacy chains and many independents in all 50 states.

How does a cardholder determine which pharmacies participate in the network?
There is a list of participating pharmacies at:  Virtually every major chain and many independents are in the network, so locating a pharmacy is simple.

Does a cardholder need more than one card for his or her family?
No. A cardholder can use one card for his or her entire family but it might be prudent for each spouse to have a card; you can print one or more free cards by going to the website at:
Is the discount prescription card insurance?
No. The Coast2Coast Rx Card is not insurance nor is it intended to replace insurance. A cardholder that is covered by health insurance will probably receive the greatest benefit by using his or her health insurance prescription card, but it does pay to compare cards.
Can a health insurance prescription card be used at the same time with the Coast2Coast Rx Card?
No. Only one card can be used when filling a prescription. However, if a prescription is not covered under a particular plan, then someone may go to a participating network pharmacy and use the card to obtain a discount.
Are some drugs covered under the Coast2Coast Rx Card that other prescription plans do not cover?
Yes, occasionally. In the event that a health insurance prescription plan does not provide a discount for a particular drug, it is likely that our card will provide a discount for that drug, as more than 60,000 formula