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2012 Chandler Centennial Birthday CardChandler Centennial Logo                                   
Cover Design Contest

A BIG THANK YOU to all the young people who participated in our contest! We received over 1500 entries from children throughout Chandler.

Designs created by contest winners grace the cover of twelve large birthday cards that will be displayed at the Centennial Booth and available for the public to sign.

ANNOUNCING Finalists and Winners of the Birthday Card Cover Design Contest!!
Congratulations to all our finalists and winners!!!!

Category - Kindergarten – Third Grade
Allie                      8 yrs. old             Knox Elementary
Alora                    8 yrs. old             Basha Elementary
Callum                8 yrs. old             Fulton Elementary
Cameron            7 yrs. old             Fulton Elementary        
Carson                9 yrs. old             Fulton Elementary
Collette                6 yrs. old             Fulton Elementary        
Ellie                      6 yrs. old             Fulton Elementary
Evan                     6 yrs. old             Fulton Elementary
Giuseppe            7 yrs. old             Fulton Elementary        
Jazmin                 8 yrs. old             Knox Elementary
Paulina                8 yrs. old             Fulton Elementary        
Presly                   8 yrs. old             Fulton Elementary
Sophia                 8 yrs. old           Fulton Elementary                        

Madai                  9 yrs. old             Knox Elementary
Nikita                   8 yrs. old             Ryan Elementary
Paulina                                             Fulton Elementary        
Category - Fourth – Sixth Grade
Amanda               10 yrs. old          Galveston Elementary 
Bryce                    9 yrs. old             Jane Dee Hull Elementary
Casey                  11 yrs. old           San Tan Elementary
Dereck                 9 yrs. old             Fulton Elementary
Edda                    11 yrs. old           Conley Elementary
Gillian                  11 yrs. old           Conley Elementary
Ian                        9 yrs. old             Basha Elementary
Jonathan            10 yrs. old           Shumway Elementary
Kimberly             11 yrs. old           Conley Elementary       
Michael               10 yrs. old           Basha Elementary         
Tayler                  11 yrs. old           CTA Freedom Elementary
Trent                    9 yrs. old             Sanborn Elementary
Tyson                  9 yrs. old             Sanborn Elementary

Emily                   12 yrs. old          Home School
Kylie                     11 yrs. old         CTA Freedom Elementary
Melinda               10 yrs. old          New Vistas Center for Education            
Category - Seventh – Eighth Grade
Alesandra           12 yrs. old           San Tan Junior High      
Alexis W.             13 yrs. old           San Tan Junior High
Allison                 14 yrs. old           Willis Junior High
Ashlyn                 13 yrs. old           San Tan Junior High
Averie                  13 yrs. old           San Tan Junior High
Brenna                13 yrs. old           Willis Junior High
Ember                 13 yrs. old           Payne Junior High
John                    13 yrs. old           San Tan Junior High
Jordan                 13 yrs. old           Willis Junior High
Sarah                   12 yrs. old           San Tan Junior High
Sean                     13 yrs. old          Payne Junior High

Alexis G.               14 yrs. old          San Tan Junior High
Jacqueline          14 yrs. old          San Tan Junior High      
Ritika                    12 yrs. old          Hamilton Prep
Category - Ninth – Twelfth Grade
Bryan                   15 yrs. Old          El Dorado
Joshua               15 yrs. old           Chandler High School
Monai                  15 yrs. old           Mesquite High School
Taylor                  17 yrs. old           Valley Christian

Ariana                  18 yrs. old          Chandler High School
Gabrielle             17 yrs. old          Valley Christian              
Kelsey                  16 yrs. old          Valley Christian


Each student selected as a winner in the four divisions will earn:

  • Drawing will become the cover of one Centennial Birthday Card
  • Display drawing on Centennial website
  • Gift card prize