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Chandler Centennial LogoCentennial Southside Neighborhood History Cookbook

Cookbook Highlights History of Chandler Neighborhood - story by Weldon B Johnson,

Zora Folley's son recalls dad's title shot against Ali - story by Weldon B. Johnson,

100 People, Places and Events that Shaped our State - Zora Foley - story by Richard Ruelas,

Centennial Cookbook
Download and save or print the Centennial Southside Neighborhood Cookbook here! (PDF) (122 pages)

Southside Neighborhood: 100 Years of Recipes and Stories provides a glimpse into a neighborhood almost as old as the City. The area is bordered by Arizona Avenue and Hidalgo Street to the west and east, and Frye and Pecos Roads to the north and south. Explore the history of the Southside through the eyes of those who know it best: the families that lived and worked in the Kesler Mapneighborhood. Learn how they built a community, established businesses and churches, and shared one thing that binds people from all walks of life together: food. There is a recipe for everyone, from pound cakes to gumbo to Lent favorite, capirotada. This book is funded in part by the Arizona Humanities Council.

A LIMITED number of hard copies are left.
To pick up a free copy from Chandler City Hall, please contact:


Jean Reynolds

** One Copy per person, please

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