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For the convenience of the user, the following links are provided to Web sites of other organizations relating to Planning Services. No endorsements or guarantees are made by the City of Chandler regarding the following websites and their organizations, as they are not a part of the City of Chandler.
City Code book Codes & Policies:
General Plan and Area Plans
Transportation StudiesTransportation Master Plan
Planning and Zoning Policies
City Code, Unified Development Manual
Zoning Code & Amendments, Zoning District Summary
Building Codes
Civil Engineering On-Lot Retention Policy
Performance Bond Procedures
 Homeowner tools Manuals & Guides:
Homeowners Building Permit Manual
Pool Barrier Guidelines
Irrigation System Installation
Sign Detail for Public Hearings
Initial Site Plan Set Submittal Guide for New Commercial, Industrial & Multi-family Projects

Application forms

Public Records and Clearance Requests
Public Records Request & Policy - Fillable
Commercial Use of Public Records
Zoning Verification
Zoning Clearance Requests
Population Population and Growth Indicators:
Population Estimates
Census 2000
Current Demographics
Permits Issued
Annexation/City Size
Land Use Distribution
Zoning Application Activity
Section of Chandler Airpark Area Plan map Map Gallery:
City Map Gallery (zo