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AquaticsAdministration & Staff
Name Position Contact Information
Jennifer Morrison Community and Neighborhood Services Director 480-782-2347
Mickey Ohland Park Development and Operations Manager 480-782-2743
Aquatic Staff (Full Time)    
Sheri Passey Aquatic Superintendent 480-782-2753
Angela Lorenzo-Clavell Recreation Coordinator II-Aquatics - Arrowhead, Desert Oasis, Folley 480-782-2756
Chris Smith Recreation Coordinator II-Aquatics - Hamilton Aquatic Center 480-782-2763
Ben Stuetelberg Recreation Coordinator II-Aquatics - Nozomi Aquatic Center 480-782-2764
Traci Tenkely Recreation Coordinator II-Aquatics - Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center 480-782-2767
Beth Grasser Pool Manager - Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center 480-782-2635
Renee Moreno Administrative Specialist 480-782-2750
Patricia Matus Customer Service Representative 480-782-2749