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Frequently Asked Questions: Water Conservation

Water is our most precious resource in the desert climate in which we live. Listed below are the answers to frequently asked questions about conserving water in Chandler.

Are there any classes I can take to learn more about my irrigation system and the plants in my yard?
The City of Chandler offers free workshops on drip irrigation systems, yard watering, desert adapted plants, maintenance, and water wise gardening.  Look in your current copy of Break Time, check our website or call 480-782-3580 for a current class schedule.

Do you have any written information on plant selection, design or landscape watering?
We have three FREE publications that will assist you in having a healthy, beautiful landscape:

Plants for the Desert Southwest: Includes photographs and descriptions of more than 150 native and desert adapted plants along with information regarding each plant's potential size, growth characteristics, water needs, and more.  This brochure will be re-released in Fall 2003 with the new name Landscape Plants for the Arizona Desert.

Xeriscape: Landscaping with Style in Arizona: Landscaping With Style in Arizona This comprehensive, full-color guide provides step-by-step information on how to create and maintain a beautiful, healthy, water-efficient landscape in the Arizona desert.  If you are planning a new landscape, modifying or maintaining an established landscape, or thinking of converting a water-intensive landscape to Xeriscape, this guide will be an invaluable resource.   It is filled with ideas, instructions, illustrations, photos, sample plans, and helpful tips.

Landscape Watering by the Numbers: With a little help from this booklet, you can figure out most of your landscape watering needs on a weekend morning.  Developed by the Valley water conservation offices, this guide will take you step-by-step to determine how much, how long, and how often to water your landscape plants to keep them healthy and beautiful.

Call 480-782-3580 to request your free copies.

My water bill is a lot higher this month. Is there someone who can come to my house and help me locate the problem?
We have an informational booklet on conducting a water audit inside and outside your home.  It will help you identify any problems.  Our Water Conservation Specialist is also available by appointment to visit your home and help with the audit. 

I have questions about what plants to put in my yard and how to care for them. Can someone in your office help?
Our Water Conservation Coordinator is a Certified Arborist and Master Gardener. She can help with most landscape questions.

Does Chandler offer rebates for installing Desert Landscaping?
We offer a $200 landscape rebate for the installation of, or conversion to, desert landscape.  We also offer a $50 rebate for an automatic irrigation timer and a $22 rebate for the irrigation timer permit.  Call 480-782-3580 to set up an appointment and our Water Conservation Specialist will visit your home with all the necessary paperwork.

Can water conservation education be brought to my child’s school?
We have educational Water Conservation Magic Shows that are brought to any elementary school in Chandler. Your school receives information about these shows every August.  Contact your school to encourage them to schedule a show. Our Water Conservation Coordinator is also available to give presentations at individual classrooms. Call 480-782-3580 to schedule a time.