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Chandler Career Connect

While Chandler remains a great community, I knew we still had many pressing needs when I took office in January. Critical among those is how we manage through this tough economy.
Mayor Jay Tibshraeny
I have worked with staff to launch Chandler Career Connect, a citywide jobs initiative to aid those in the community in need of work, or perhaps a new career path. The event was a huge success.

I also hope you will also take advantage of the information posted on this page. We have compiled a lot of good information to help those searching for a job. Have feedback about the Jobs Initiative and Career Connect event? E-mail me about it at:

Jay Tibshraeny

Job Training and Employment Resource Centers
Here you will find a list of employment resources and job training programs. Often, these programs take a short amount of time to complete but can prepare you for a lifelong career in a range of fields that fit your interest.

Job Posting Websites
These websites are primarily focused on