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Chandler Career Connect

While Chandler remains a great community, I knew we still had many pressing needs when I took office in January. Critical among those is how we manage through this tough economy.
Mayor Jay Tibshraeny
I have worked with staff to launch Chandler Career Connect, a citywide jobs initiative to aid those in the community in need of work, or perhaps a new career path. The event was a huge success.

I also hope you will also take advantage of the information posted on this page. We have compiled a lot of good information to help those searching for a job. Have feedback about the Jobs Initiative and Career Connect event? E-mail me about it at:

Jay Tibshraeny

Job Training and Employment Resource Centers
Here you will find a list of employment resources and job training programs. Often, these programs take a short amount of time to complete but can prepare you for a lifelong career in a range of fields that fit your interest.

Job Posting Websites
These websites are primarily focused on jobs being offered in the Valley and range in employment opportunities.
Interviewing Strategies and Tips
Now that you’ve made it pass the initial stage and landed the interview i