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In some cases, the City of Chandler may allow a Taxpayer to pay additional taxes due through a payment plan. The following information regarding payment plans is from the Chandler Tax Code:

Sec. 62-596. Agreement for installment payments of tax.
(a) The City may enter into an agreement with a taxpayer to allow the taxpayer to satisfy a liability for any tax imposed by this Chapter by means of installment payments. The Tax Collector may require a taxpayer who requests an installment payment agreement to complete a financial report in such form and manner as the Tax Collector may prescribe.
(b) The Tax Collector, without notice, may alter, modify or terminate an installment payment agreement if the taxpayer:

(1) Fails to pay an installment at the time the installment payment is due under the agreement.
(2) Fails to pay any other tax liability at the time the liability is due.
(3) Fails to file any tax report or return at the time the report or return is due.
(4) Fails to furnish any information requested by the Tax Collector within thirty days after receiving a written request for such information.
(5) Fails to notify th