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Tax Audit - Taxable Activities

The following business activities are subject to Transaction Privilege (Sales) Tax in the City of Chandler:

Advertising by billboards, direct mail, flyers, radio, television, or any other means.  A deduction is available for "national” advertising. View more information.

Amusements, exhibitions, sports/athletic type instruction, or other similar activities. This includes movies, concerts, sporting events, video games, golf fees, health spas, fitness centers, aerobic or dance classes and like activities. View more information.

Construction Contracting.  Contact the Arizona Department of Revenue with any questions.

Job Printing. Includes engraving of printing plates, embossing, micrographic and photo reproduction. Deductions available include printing for resale, out-of-state sales and sales to nonprofit hospitals. For more information, click View more information.

Mining, Timbering and Other Extraction. Sand and gravel operations are not included; these operations are retail activities.

Publishing and Periodical Distribution. Includes advertising and subscription income. Taxed on the basis of circulation within the city; published articles sent through the U.S. Mail to Arizona locations are taxable as though delivered within Chandler for Chandler-based publishers. View more information.

Rental, Leasing and Licensing for Use of Real Property. Includes all real property rentals, commercial and residential. Each different property location requires a separate business license. View more information.

Rental or Leasing to Transients (Hotel/motel – bed tax). This tax is in addition to the 1.5 percent tax on real property rentals, and the rate is 2.9 percent, for a total of 4.4%.  It applies to the first thirty days a person occupies a lodging space. View more information.

Rentals, Leasing and Licensing for Use of Tangible Personal Property