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Dr. Rufus Glasper

Dr. Rufus Glasper is from a family of six brothers and a sister. He left his hometown Chicago and came to Arizona with his family in 1986. It was a cultural shock to find a sparse population of Blacks and it was rare to see another black person then. He came to work for the Maricopa County Community Colleges where there were few black administrators. Glasper was the first operating deputy to be hired there. Since being here, he has seen growth and changes in the Valley. Other Blacks have arrived taking over prominent roles at the helm of various corporations.

Dr. Rufus GlasperHis dad, who was a businessman, was his role model. “Was not the best businessman,” said Dr. Glasper, “nonetheless he inspired me.” Another real inspiration was the experience he suffered from the words of an adviser. Glasper had hopes of becoming a teacher, but chose to study business instead when he read an evaluation his adviser had written “that he was glad that Rufus had decided to teach in the inner city schools of Chicago, because he doubted that Rufus would make it in the highly demanding busi