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Jeannette Woods

Strength. Determination. Perseverance. When Jeannette Woods picked cotton with her brothers and sisters, she dreamed of becoming a lawyer, a model, an actress, a doctor, an airline stewardess, a singer and a paleontologist. This little six-year-old girl, as she filled her cotton burlap bag no longer than a pillowcase, had dreams. As the cotton rows seemed longer and as the cotton grew taller so did her strength, determination and perseverance. “The cotton grew taller than my head and I wouldn’t go very far down the row,” says Jeannette, “because when I looked back it looked like a maze. I wanted to be with my family, so I went along. My dad was a cotton contractor and paid me a few cents so that I felt that I had accomplished something.” From the cotton fields and a cotton-picking family, Jeannette Woods persevered to become one of Chandler’s leading Attorneys of Law today.