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Pool Fencing Requirements  

Chandler residents who own a swimming pool must comply with the City's pool fencing requirements. Below are answers to frequently asked questions about pool fencing. For further details on the ordinance, please refer to the Additional Links below.

What are the City's requirements on where a swimming pool can be located?  
The City requires that swimming pools are located in a resident's back yard. Swimming pools cannot be in the front yard. The water's edge needs to be at least five feet from any side or back property line. Residents also must obtain a building permit before the construction of pool fencing. For details on how to obtain a permit, call the City's Development Services office at 480-782-3000.

Am I required to have fencing around my pool?  
Yes, all pools must be enclosed by a perimeter fence of masonry, concrete or decorative fencing (such as wrought iron). The City's ordinances on swimming pools include information about both exterior and interior barriers. For further details on the ordinance, please refer to the Additional Links below. 

How high does the fencing for an exterior b