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Traffic Signals

You can report traffic signal problems and learn more about the City's improvements with signal timing.   

  • Traffic Signals - 480-782-3454

The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) governs the use of traffic signals, street striping, roadside signs and work zone barricades nationwide. Some of the newest changes are the inclusion of pedestrian countdown times and the standardization of flashing left arrows.

Traffic Signal Timing

The City uses a traffic signal model program to help time traffic signals. Traffic counts consisting of tube counts taken for a 24-hour period and turning movement counts taken during 3 times of day are input into Synchro, a modeling program. Signal analysts and engineers then work to balance vehicle progression, favoring north and east in the morning and south and west in the evening, for optimal traffic flow. In general, the goal is to provide 3 out of 4 signals green for commute traffic. The City traffic signal system is continuously updated, and one third of the City is re-timed each year. Signal analysts at