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Installing a Desert Landscape

A beautiful and inviting landscape can be a welcome escape from our often hectic lives. Installing and maintaining a desert landscape with a balanced design, intriguing scents and textures, and year-round color may seem like a daunting and pricey task. 

However, with a little research, lots of commitment, and a pinch of patience, you can install and maintain a low-water-use landscape that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but time- and money-saving. In addition, the City offers several rebate programs, water audits, workshops and informational materials to help its residents continue to conserve precious water for future use.

Why Choose Low-Water-Use Landscaping?
There are numerous advantages of low-water-use landscaping, including:

  • Using less water on landscaping saves money
  • Plants can handle Arizona’s alkaline soils without the need for extra fertilizer
  • A variety of plant colors, forms and textures to choose from
  • Plants grow stronger and look healthier than their high-water-use counter parts

Before purchasing plants for your landscape, be sure to choose the right plant for the right place.  Consider the following: