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Frequently Asked Questions: Municipal Courts - Collections

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the Judicial Enforcement Unit (Collections) at the Chandler Municipal Courts.

What if I can’t pay the day the fines/fees are imposed?
After your court appearance you must go to the Judicial Enforcement Unit (JEU). You will be required to undergo a financial review process.  You will need to complete a "Defendant Financial Statement and Affidavit" (Click here to view this form as a PDF.) and then go through a screening process with one of the JEU representatives to discuss possible payment arrangements. Payment arrangements are not guaranteed.  When payment arrangements are established there will be an additional $20 assessed for the time payment fee (A.R.S. 12-116).  If you are found to have available means to pay your fines/fees in full, you will be -ordered to pay them no later than 5 p.m. that day. 

What if I do not pay in full or appear at JEU, the day the fines/fees are imposed?
If you do not pay in full or appear at JEU the day the fines/fees are imposed the court may issue a warrant for your arrest on criminal charges and assess an additional $125.00 warrant fee.  On civil charges, the court may send a default notification to MVD requesting suspension of your driving privileges for each violation and an additional $50.00 default fee will be assessed to each violation.

I am currently on a payment plan and now have new fines/fees to pay; will my scheduled payment be increased? 
It is possible that your payments may increase to accommodate the additional fines/fees assessed. The increase will be determined during the financial screening process with a JEU representative.

What if I am unable to make my scheduled payment? 
If you are unable to make you scheduled payment, you must appear at JEU no later than 5 p.m. on your payment due date to request a financial review for a possible extension. You will be required to complete a new financial application and undergo the financial review process. You must appear in person to request an extension on your payment arrangements. The court requires all defen