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Chandler Volunteer Recognition Awards

City of Chandler, the Chandler Non-Profit Coalition (CNPC) and For Our City are excited to present the 2013 Chandler Volunteer Recognition Awards in honor of the tremendous impact and contributions volunteers bring to our community.  

This year faith groups, non-profits, schools, businesses or any other group with volunteers in Chandler submitted applications to recognize those volunteers for their outstanding service to the community.

Congratulations 2013 Volunteer Recognition Winners!
Ernesto Sidi, Innovation Award 
(This volunteer brings especially creative and unique solutions to the job): Lauded for his creative fundraising ideas as a volunteer at the House of Refuge, Ernesto is credited with helping raise nearly $15,000 in donations.

Patti Bruno, Longevity Award
(This volunteer has worked for an organization for many years, providing a commitment and dedication to service that is awe inspiring): Patti's involvement with ICAN during its first year of operation in 1991 helped to surge it forward both in terms of community recognition and financial support. In addition to her extensive board service, she consistently volunteers her time for additional holiday activities and in-kind collection efforts.

Russ Puckett and Roger Hogle, Makes It Happen Award
(This volunteer works for many organizations, with the goal of contributing anywhere and everywhere, in any way they can): Russ has been a volunteer tax preparer for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program for over 15 years and instructed or mentored over 400 volunteers. Roger is a VITA site coordinator and has instructed new and returning volunteers for nine years.
Anthony Vizcarra, Multitasking Maestro Award
(This volunteer is someone who takes on a diverse array of multiple assignments, jobs or objectives at the same time and can juggle them effectively, while accomplishing all of them successfully): Anthony’s volunteering spans a wide range of activities, responsibilities, and organizations. He coordinates Intel Corporation’s participation at several volunteer events and leverages his computer and development skills as a volunteer at the Chandler Christian Community Center and the Clothes Cabin.

Al Leibowitz, Strong Arms Award
(This volunteer is not afraid to take on any job no matter how “down-n-dirty” it may be.  This nominee may also be called the jack-of-all-trades in an organization): Al is a retired New Jersey Volunteer Fire Chief and the 'Go to Guy' for the Chandler Fire Department. This year alone, Al has given more than 450 hours of his time to the Fire Department, including participation in a recent smoke detector walk in downtown Chandler.

Scott McDonald, Sunbeam Award
(This volunteer is the most cheerful person in the place!  They have the best personality, attitude, and they are always smiling and helpful): Scott volunteered over 500 hours in service to the Chandler Police Department last year as a Motorist Assist, helping numerous members of the public and establishing a great relationship with the officers and his co-workers. 

Radhika Arora, Youth Award
(This category is for youth, 17 and younger. The nominee is dedicated, positive, and hardworking or otherwise stands out from the crowd): Radhika desires to pursue a career in public service and has served in local youth councils, at Chandler Regional Medical Center, and volunteered as a tutor at an after school program.  She serves on the Governor's Youth Commission, plays competitive tennis for Chandler High, and participated in fundraising events for the less fortunate.

Vinnie Holmquist, Inspiration Award
(The recipient of this award exhibits a work ethic and behaviors that inspire those around them): Vinnie is 14 years old and started the community youth volunteer program and coordinates various monthly events for Boy Scout Troop 280. He volunteers for the iHelp ministry of Sun Valley Church, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and the Chandler Food Bank.

Brian Walsh, Mayor’s Choice Award
(This award is not subject to nomination, but instead is selected by the Chandler Mayor): Brian has spent untold hours reaching out to the homeless community in Chandler. In addition to helping connect them with resources and services, Brian spends weekends with a team of volunteers serving breakfast to the homeless community in a downtown Chandler park. Ironically, Brian was not present to accept his award because he was fulfilling a volunteer commitment.

Glenn Klassen, People’s Choice Award
(The recipient of this award was chosen from those in attendance at the Chandler Volunteer Recognition Breakfast): A Chandler resident since 2003, Glenn maintains and repairs safety equipment as a volunteer for the Chandler Fire Department and serves on the boards of the Chandler Coalition on Youth Substance Abuse and the Phoenix Air National Guard Patriots which help support the families of Guard members deployed overseas.
Also, congratulations to the following individuals who volunteered more than 1,000 Hours in 2013: 

Lori Dayton                           Chandler Christian Community Center       1,413 hrs
Carmen Olmedo                 Chandler Christian Community Center       1,379 hrs
Caryn Shoemaker               Clothes Cabin                                                  1,349 hrs
Jerry Mooers                         ICAN                                                                   1,000+ hrs

Winners were awarded at the annual Volunteer Recognition Breakfast on February 12, 2014.

Looking for places to volunteer

  • For a list of current volunteer opportunities through For Our City - Chandler, click here.  

Volunteer programs like For Our City–Chandler have the purpose of helping coordinate service needs of the City of Chandler and non-profit organizations with the service resources of faith-based communities, employers, business groups, and others in the Chandler area. To learn more about For Our City, visit

  • Want to volunteer at the City of Chandler?  Click here for a list of Department contacts.
  • Click here to visit the Chandler Non-Profit Coalition web site.

Traditional Days of Service

Even small contributions of time and effort can make a world of difference in the lives of others.  Please look for community projects or ideas of ways to volunteer on the following days of service:

• Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day – January 
• Cesar Chavez Day – March
• 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance – September 11
• Make a Difference Day – October 


Stay Informed

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