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Chandler Volunteer Recognition Awards

City of Chandler, the Chandler Non-Profit Coalition (CNPC) and For Our City are excited to present the 2014 Chandler Volunteer Recognition Awards in honor of the tremendous impact and contributions volunteers bring to our community.  

Faith-based groups, non-profits, schools, businesses and any other group with volunteers are encouraged to nominate individuals for one of seven Chandler Volunteer Recognition Awards: 

Click here for a flier and hardcopy volunteer application.

1. Makes it Happen
This nominee works for many organizations, with the goal of contributing anywhere and everywhere, in any way they can.
2. Sunbeam 
This nominee is the most cheerful person in the place!  They have the best personality, attitude, and they are always smiling. Their mere appearance brightens the area around them.

3. Longevity 
This nominee has worked for an organization for many years – they provide a commitment and dedication to their service that is awe inspiring.  

4. Innovation 
This nominee brings creative and unique solutions to the job.  Please share an example of the nominee’s on the job resourcefulness.

5. Youth 
This nominee is strictly for youth, 17 and younger.  This nominee can be dedicated, positive, and hardworking or somehow stand out among others.

6. Multi-tasker Maestro
This nominee is someone who takes on a diverse array of multiple assignments, jobs or objectives at the same time and can juggle them effectively, while accomplishing all of them successfully.

7. Strong Arms
This nominee is not afraid to take on any job no matter how “down-n-dirty” it may be.  This nominee may also be called the “jack-of-all-trades” in an organization. 

To nominate an individual online, click here.  
Nominations will be open Thursday, November 6 to Monday, December 8, 2014.

Winners will be awarded at the annual Volunteer Recognition Breakfast on February 5, 2015.  Email invites to this invite only breakfast will be sent out the first week of January 2015. In addition, there will be two awards given at the event, the Mayor's Choice Award and the People’s Choice Award.

Did you volunteer a large number of hours in 2014?  The City of Chandler and CNPC would like to recognize volunteers by sending those with over 1,000 hours a special lapel pin and certificate signed by the Mayor.  Volunteers with over 100 hours will also get a certificate signed by the Mayor. Please talk to any faith-based group, Chandler Non-Profit Coalition, school, business or City Department where you volunteer and make sure your name is on their list to receive a certificate and/or pin.

If you have any questions about the awards or nomination process, please email

Looking for places to volunteer

  • For a list of current volunteer opportunities through For Our City - Chandler, click here.  

Volunteer programs like For Our City–Chandler have the purpose of helping coordinate service needs of the City of Chandler and non-profit organizations with the service resources of faith-based communities, employers, business groups, and others in the Chandler area. To learn more about For Our City, visit

  • Want to volunteer at the City of Chandler?  Click here for a list of Department contacts.
  • Click here to visit the Chandler Non-Profit Coalition web site.

Traditional Days of Service

Even small contributions of time and effort can make a world of difference in the lives of others.  Please look for community projects or ideas of ways to volunteer on the following days of service:

• Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day – January 
• Cesar Chavez Day – March
• 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance – September 11
• Make a Difference Day – October 


Stay Informed

If  you would like to be included on the For Our City mailing list, in which you can get up to date information on events and volunteer opportunities, please contact