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Playtopia at Tumbleweed ParkPlaytopia!

Playtopia is a free, 2.5-acre playground and picnic section of the City’s Tumbleweed Park. It features several play zones with themes based on Chandler’s heritage. Playtopia is an ideal place for endless imaginative play, and attracts families from all over town. Come out and play!
The Playtopia parking lot is located south of Germann Rd. on Hamilton Street, one-quarter-mile west of McQueen Rd.

Playtopia is:

  • Farm Land
    Numerous slides, bridges and climbing features designed to incorporate the farm life theme. Almost all of the Farm Land play equipment is under the protective shade provided by a large red barn canopy.
  • City Land
    An urban-themed landscape with paved streets, street signs, lampposts and vehicles you would find in any big city. In addition to offering climbing, riding, and sliding structures for