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Domestic Violence Commission
The eleven-member Commission shall advise the Mayor and Council concerning community domestic violence issues including the quality and effectiveness of domestic violence services in Chandler.

The members shall include 6 qualified electors that reside in the City and 5 representatives of domestic violence service providers or other agencies working in the field. Each domestic violence service provider or other agency having a representative serving as a member of the Commission may submit the names of up to 2 additional persons for appointment and approval as a primary and secondary alternative representative to represent the provider or agency in the absence of the provider’s or agency’s original representative.

The term of each member shall be for three (3) years, and each member shall serve until his/her successor is appointed and qualified. Any vacancy in office during the term shall be filled by the Mayor with approval of the Council for the unexpired term.

Requirements: 11 members 

Usually meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 8:15 A.M. at City Hall.

 The Domestic Violence Commission also convenes two subcommittees:


Members (11) Term Expires  Date Appointed
Audrey Maestats - Boys & Girls Club, Primary  05-01-2016 01-23-2014
Yvonne Taylor - AZ Coalition Against DV  05-01- 2017 11-17-2005
Monalou Callery - National Advocacy Training Network  05-01-2015 09-26-2013
Sarah Youngblood - Community Legal Services  05-01-2016 04-25-2013
Margaret Dudinyak - Catholic Charities  05-01- 2016 01-12-2012
Dr. Ruth Lim  05-01-2017 08-19-2010
Nicole Bruno 05-01- 2017 04-28-2011
Susan Stevens Clarke  05-01-2015 11-17-2005
Jon Repar  05-01-2016 10-23-2014
Torey Gannon  05-01-2017 08-14-2014
Sophia Campbell  05-01-2015 04-26-2012
Staff Liaison
Katie Cain
Victim Services Coordinator

Revised 10-27-2014

Established 08-11-2005  Ordinance No.3708

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If you have any questions, call the City Clerk's Office at 480-782-2180.

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