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Welcome to the Environmental Education Center (EEC) located on Veterans Oasis Park 
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The City of Chandler Environmental Education Center (EEC) serves as a gateway to Veterans Oasis Park, a 113-acre Sonoran Desert landscape. The EEC offers a variety of programming for all ages engaging guests with their natural surroundings through art, science, fitness, and outdoorsmanship. Inside the EEC, guests can explore exhibits, meet a few desert animals, relax in the lounge, reserve classroom and pavilion spaces and register for classes. Several annual signature events offered by the EEC include the Sonoran Sunset Series, Star Party, Earth Day and Arbor Day Celebration, Dragonfly and Butterfly Bash, Chandler Scout Jamboree and the Fall Fishing Clinic and Outdoor Safety Event. 
The Park

Veterans Oasis Park covers 113 acres and features both lush wetland and arid habitat suitable for the diverse plants and wildlife of the Sonoran Desert. This "non-traditional" facility capitalizes on the divergent and plentiful outdoor recreation opportunities at the site created by the park land, lake, and wetlands/groundwater recharge basins. The shallow basins infiltrate high quality reclaimed water to the subsurface aquifer for storage and recovery as part of the City's comprehensive reclaimed water management plan. The park also includes 4½ miles of trails, wildlife viewing areas; ramadas and picnic areas; a butterfly and hummingbird habitat; an outdoor amphitheater; a unique, learning-oriented playground; a 5-acre “Community fishing” lake; a Solar System Walk; equestrian trails; and interpretive signs and exhibits. 

The Owl's Nest Nature Store

The Owl’s Nest Nature Store, inside the EEC, offers environmentally conscious products including reusable lunchboxes, walking sticks and puppets. 

Postcards for sale The Owl's Nest For sale at the Owl's Nest On sale at the Owl's Nest Seeds for Sale

Please Don't Feed The Wildlife - Provided by the National Park Service

Most people know that hunting and trapping are not allowed in City parks. However, the City recommends that people refrain from approaching or feeding animals in City Parks. These actions can be harmful to both animals and people.  When you approach wildlife too closely, you may cause them stress and interfere with behaviors necessary for their survival.  Animals that are fed by people become dependent on human food, and may lose their natural fear of humans and their ability to forage for natural foods. There is a lot of truth to the saying, “a fed animal is a dead animal.” In addition to losing their foraging ability, feeding animals puts everyone in potentially hazardous situations. People who feed animals may be bitten or otherwise injured by the animal they are feeding. Other visitors are at risk as they may be harmed by aggressive animals that have previously been fed.

Seemingly tame animals are still wild, and may behave unpredictably. Animals may use their teeth, claws, hooves, antlers, or horns to defend themselves. View wildlife from a safe dista