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Infill Incentive Program

A sustainable community focused toward the future and committed to reinvestment! 

Chandler Infill Incentive Program

Recognizing a need to reinvest in older shopping centers/retail buildings, the Chandler City Council approved a Commercial Reinvestment Program (CRP) in 2001 to encourage private reinvestment in existing centers that resulted in upgrading the appearance of these centers while also lowering the vacancy rates in the community. 

The program provided $2.7 million in City assistance for the renovation of approximately 663,000 square feet of retail space, which was successful in lowering vacancy rates and securing quality tenants.

In February 2009, the City Council approved a new Infill Incentive Program and approved changes to the CRP. These changes primarily shift the focus of the program to projects that redevelop all or a significant portion of an existing commercial center in order to introduce new and/or additional uses such as residential and/or office components. This new focus recognizes that some of the City’s existing commercial sites may no longer represent the highest and best use of the property, and that redevelopment of these sites may have significant positive impacts on the community.

Chandler Infill Incentive Funding

City participation is anticipated to be in the form of reimbursements for costs such as the demolition of existing commercial space and/or for providing the public infrastructure necessary to accommodate new uses on the site.

Projects that upgrade the appearance of older existing retail centers and lower retail vacancy rates will be considered. However, the project must have participation of all owners at the commercial center, provide marketable improvements, and be determined to be necessary in order to retain or secure a quality tenant as determined by the Economic Development Division.

Funding is subject to Chandler City Council approval at the beginning of each fiscal year. Given the possibility of competition in the allocation of funds, priority will be given to projects that propose the complete renovation and reuse of an existing center over those that simply renovate existing space.

Chandler Incentive Program Area Highlights

The CRP portion of the Infill Incentive Program area encompasses approximately 18 square miles in northeast Chandler, and features an attractive business environment, including:
  •   Population of more than 118,000
  •   Average household income of nearly $70,000
  •   Educational attainment - 61 percent have completed some college
  •   Number of households - 40,000
Chandler Incentive Program Goal
  • Decrease the supply of available commercial square footage, thereby increasing the demand for the remaining commercial space
  • Encourage the renovation and/or redevelopment of surrounding properties, which would spur new economic activity
  • Bring new residents and/or daytime employees to older commercial areas, which would support the remaining commercial properties
  • Provide additional office space that would enable the City to recruit new employers
Eligible Properties
  • Property owner or owner’s representative of existing retail center within the designated Commercial Reinvestment area
  • A retail center with a vacancy rate at least 50 percent higher than the overall average vacancy rate for retail centers citywide, or be a minimum of 15 years old
  • In the event of competition in the allocation of funds, priority will be given to projects that propose the complete renovation of an existing center
For additional information regarding this program, download the brochure, or contact:
James Smith
Economic Development Innovation Manager
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