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Chandler's Xeriscape Demonstration GardenXeriscape Garden

Chandler's Xeriscape Demonstration Garden is a joint projects among the Water Conservation Division, the Arts Commission, and the Parks Division.

It features community art, walking paths and water-wise plants and is designed to demonstrate a low maintenance landscape full of color and fragrance. The park was originally installed in 1987 and was recently remodeled.
  • Xeriscape Demonstration Garden
    410 N. Arrowhead Dr.
    Northeast corner of Erie St. and Arrowhead Dr.
The Xeriscape Garden is a functional, user-friendly demonstration space with mature trees, shrubs and plants found in the "Landscape Plants of the Desert Southwest" booklet available from the Water Conservation office. There is a granite path that flows between areas of the garden where themes include a children/pet friendly area, a wildlife garden and a low maintenance garden. Changes in grading help to reduce erosion and also highlight passive water harvesting techniques through the installation of berms and swales. Large signage explains design and landscapin