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See inside our Courtroom

Trials and other proceedings take place inside our City Courtroom. This gives you an idea of what the inside of Chandler's Courtroom looks like.

Place your cursor over the numbers for a description of each area.

1. The Clerk
2. The Judge
3. The Witness
4. The Jury
5. The Defendant
6. The Defense Attorney
7. The Prosecutor
8. The Prosecutor's Investigating Officer

The CourtroomThe Clerk - The Clerk provides administrative support during courtroom proceedings.The Judge - The Judge ensures courtroom proceedings are in accordance to law.The Witness - The Witness is an individual who provides testimony in the case.The Jury - The Jury listens to the facts of the case for later deliberations.The Defendant - The Defendant is the person charged with the offense.The Defense Attorney - The Defense Attorney represents the defendant throughout the case.The Prosecutor - The Prosecutor represents the state in the case against the defendant.The Prosecutor's Investigating Officer - The Prosecutor's Investigating Officer may be allowed by the judge to sit on the case with the Prosecuting Attorney.