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Racquetball Reservations

UPDATE: Effective January 2, 2017
-  Tumbleweed Recreation Center will no longer allow same day reservations for Racquetball Courts. Maximum one-hour court reservations still apply. If there is no reservation or walk-in immediately following your allotted one-hour court time, you may continue to play.

Reservation ButtonPass holders may reserve a racquetball court up to 2-days in advance and for a maximum of one hour. Groups playing singles, doubles or cut-throat are allowed a maximum of one-hour reservations. They may continue play if no reservation or walk-in has requested the court following the one-hour reservation. Reservations can be made by visiting or by calling the front desk at 480-782-2900.
A 10-minute grace period is allotted to each reservation. If the group does not show, the court will be given to the next group waiting. Racquetball courts are available for walk-in use on a first come first served basis for up to one-hour per group. If there is no reservation or walk-in immediately following their allotted one-hour court time, they may continue to play.
Dress code: Non-marking athletic shoes only. Shirts must be worn at all times. Protective eyewear is recommended for all patrons.

Patrons ages 13-17 must complete a fitness orientation before using the racquetball courts, unless playing with an adult or if registered for a racquetball class.